LA Loyal

The Los Angeles Marathon LA Loyal program recognizes the outstanding achievement of participants who complete the Los Angeles Marathon year after year. 

Below you'll find all the answers to your questions for the 2024 LA Loyal program.

Check Your 2024 LA Loyal Status - Coming Soon

Coming soon - Click below to look at the list of those currently qualified for LA Loyal in 2024.

Is your information listed, but something is incorrect?

If you have questions, your name is not listed and should be, or your year count is not correct, please email with LA LOYAL in the subject line, and your full name, email address, and past LA Marathon finisher certificates to show your consecutive years participation. 

LA Loyal FAQs

What is LA Loyal?

LA Loyal is a loyalty program that recognizes the dedicated runners who run the Los Angeles Marathon year after year. The program rewards runners who run more than one consecutive year and is open to anyone who meets enrollment deadlines.

What are the incentives?

The incentives for 2023 were the following; stay tuned for the 2024 program incentives:
2 years through 38 years:LA Loyal 2023 Pin
2 consecutive years: A unique LA Loyal bib and the LA Loyal 2023 pin
5 consecutive years: LA Loyal bib, commemorative pin and hat, LA Loyal 2023 pin
10 consecutive years: LA Loyal bib, commemorative hoodie and medal featuring the original 1986 design, and LA Loyal 2023 pin
11+ consecutive years: LA Loyal bib, LA Loyal arm warmers, and LA Loyal 2023 pin

Will the program be the same in 2024?

The 2024 program will be similar as 2023. Check back soon for updates on milestone incentives!
In 2024, once again, all participants who are LA Loyal will receive an exclusive LA Loyal bib and a pin.
We will still have the same or similar milestone incentives for years 5, 10, and 11+

What is the enrollment deadline?

As of August 2023, in order to be eligible for the 2024 LA Loyal program participants must register for the 2024 marathon by February 15, 2024.

How do I know that I am registered for LA Loyal?

All participants who participated in the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon and register for the 2024 Los Angeles Marathon before the February 15, 2024 deadline are automatically enrolled.

You can check to see if you are qualified in the list above. This list will be updated at least once a month on or around the 15th of the month. Please email with LA LOYAL as your subject line with any questions.

Where do I pick up my rewards?

Your LA Loyal rewards, including bibs, pins and apparel, are only available for pickup at the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon Expo on race weekend.

We do not mail LA Loyal items for participants who will be doing the live event.

10-year LA Loyal medals are available at the LA Loyal Swag tent inside the Health & Fitness Expo.
Complete details on when and where to pick up your swag will be emailed out closer to the marathon.

I can’t attend the expo how do I get my rewards?

If you have purchased the Start Line Hospitality add on, you can pick-up your gear at the start line hospitality tent on race morning.

Can I skip a year and still be eligible?

No. Skipping a year will reset your eligibility for all tiers. The program requires you to run consecutive years. To remain eligible you must register for the 2023 Los Angeles Marathon by February 15, 2023

Are there any exceptions?

Exception are made for verifiable medical issues, pregnancy or military deployment. Contact

I'm an SRLA Member, what rewards am I eligible for?

SRLA members are recognized at the 5 and 10-year tiers.